Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Shot - Hippie and Businessman

This new test is really exciting for me. I often gravitate toward more controlled acting in my animation, and I now have a chance to really amp up the physicality, as well as practice my dialogue. I’ve thumbnailed out my basic idea, and cut it to time. So far I think this could be a good character study, but I’d really like to make it more entertaining. There’s a chance to get some classic physical comedy here, and right now I’m just scratching the surface.

It’s pretty impossible to tell from the rough sketches, but the young man running up is a hippie, and the man in the foreground is a businessman who has just been stunned by the hippie’s frisbee (the ellipse in the foreground). I have to give credit to my friend Scott for coming up with this one.

One of my own self-imposed constraints is to keep from having too much dead air before and after the dialogue. I’d like to jump right in without wasting time at either end. Other than that, I’m all ears on amping this up!

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