Monday, October 06, 2008

Acting Test

In the senior class, we're so fortunate to be working with Rex Grignon, a world class senior animator from PDI/DreamWorks.  He has been nothing less than amazing and incredibly helpful.  Over the past few weeks he's given us a challenging test to take on.  In brief, we have a boss-type character who responds to some news on the phone.  At the same time, he reveals part of his character through idle action with an object.  The whole test must be 5 to 6 seconds in length.  Here's my take on it.  I can see that a lot of my motions are still looking mechanical rather than natural, so I need to figure out what's going on there.  After that, my next step is to start polishing and getting in the subtleties and details.  As usual I'm open to any advice or comments to help me improve this.

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Adam Dresher said...

Whats up Andrew!!!
I am trying to purrty up my blog and I found yours!

I think your test is looking really solid!
-I was a little confused what makes him loose his excitement. Was it something he heard on the phone, or was it crushing the trinket in his hand? If it was the trinket, I would expect him to look down at his hand before dropping the phone.
-80-100, there is a big pop in the body. Right now I feel it mostly in the shoulders and stage right hand. Maybe you could give this action a few more frames. You could also get a really sweet overlap of the head in there. It seems like this is expressing his change in emotion, so I think you should milk it for all it's worth.
-The other big thing that stood out to me was how the character slumps back into the chair. I think you could overlap the shoulders dropping and slumping into to the chair.
When his shoulders slump, already start having his spine compress, and then have his whole spine and body slow out as he slumps backwards.
I hope that makes sense though! This is my first time seeing the test, I really can't wait to see another pass at it!!