Monday, October 06, 2008

Biomechanics/Weight Test

We've been working on biomechanics in my 3D animation class, where the goal is to get a sense of weight with our character.  Here's what I've been working on this week.  It has a couple different elements to it, some of which I'm still working on.  I think the basics are there though.  Lately I've been working on getting my overall pacing and timing better by returning to my reference with an eye on more realistic timing.  Any comments/advice is always appreciated.


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Alejandro said...

Quick comment: The sack doesn't feel as if it has any weight as your character first pulls it up onto his back. Two things might help: 1) Add a bit more slowing out as picks it up. If you pick up an empty sack the timing will be fairly even; picking up a heavy sack the timing will have more texture. 2) By action-reaction the sack pulls back on the guy as he pulls on the sack. If the sack has significant weight then you'll notice that effect.

Finally, try the following: Make the sack invisible. If your animation works then we should feel that he's picking up the sack without even seeing it.

Alej Garcia