Thursday, May 07, 2009


That’s right, I dressed up.

I can’t get over how entertaining this movie was! From the opening scene which had me close to tears, to the Enterprise blazing phasers coming out of hyperspace, it was an all around blast!! The casting was great, and I especially loved the way Karl Urban interpreted McCoy...“Are you our of your Vulcan mind?!” The integration of the alternate timeline into the plot did not seem manufactured at all, and it left the franchise open for interpretation down the road. And how cool is Red Matter?!
As you can see I wore my Spock costume that I had lying around from a few halloweens ago. I ended up being the only one dressed up! (yeah I know, nerdy!) But it’s ok, despite being made fun of by high school kids, it was worth it to spend time with friends and have a great time!

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