Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cave Troll!

Well the semester's over and for our intermediate 3D class we got to model the Cave Troll from Lord of the Rings. I spent the semester honing my modeling skills, learning how to texture better, learning the basics of rigging, and capping it off with animation! At the beginning of the semester it would have been hard to believe that I would be able to get to this stage in 3D. But with great teaching and hard work I was able to get here. To showcase it, I have both a posed model (based on a WETA maquette) and a walk cycle. (I'll try to get better resolution videos up soon, right now they're pixely)

I've learned so much and have been asked to teach the intro Maya class this Summer! (It's funny how much you learn by teaching!)


LampshadeMan said...

Thats an awesome model and some nice animation in the walk cycle. Has some nice weight to it. And good luck teaching a maya course. I may be teaching a maya course in the near future, although looking at your stuff, I don't think my students will learn as much from me as your students will learn from you!

Jaime Ramirez said...

Great job on the Cave Troll model and animation. You can really feel the weight of the Troll. No hobbit has a chance with that Troll coming after them.