Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nature and Films

I went sketching with my friend Chris Palmer in his hometown of Morgan Hill. We took a little drive and went hiking up in the hills. It was nice to get out in nature again and I could have hiked all day. We stopped at one point and sketched by a bridge. Later on we met up with some friends at Borders in Santana Row. I decided to try and capture some of the faces I was seeing around me.

The next day we all went to TGIF to celebrate the wrap and sending off of two of our films to the Ottawa International Animation Festival. We always have fun working together to make films and these were no exception. So keep a lookout for "T.N.E.I.T." and "The Princess and the P."

1 comment:

Chris Palmer said...

oh baby! i was there for both of these pages. yeah, and now where am i? about ot see ratatouille, again!

great stuff andrew. we have to go sketching again. after we win the presidential nomination of course.