Saturday, June 02, 2007

London Sketches

Over Spring Break I was able to go to London through the school. It was a total blast! We visited all sorts of museums and small studios. It's great seeing a differet type of working environment in the smaller studios (Double Negative, AKA, and others!). I have a few sketches from the V&A Museum that I found in my sketchbook (and a sketch from the Royal Academy of Arts on the bottom right) The center sketch was from a sculpture called "Athelete Struggling with a Python" by Lord Leighton Fredric. It was one of the most intense sculptures I've ever seen, and was very much masuline. In contrast, the museum had feminine sculptures nearby. The sketches at the top right are from the sculpture "The Bather" by Toft (i think). The sketches at left are from one of the most beautiful and feminine sculptures I've ever seen, calles "Eve" by Thomas Brock.


Dr. Alex, MD said...
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Dr. Alex, MD said...

Too bad you were busy DRAW-RING in London instead of coming to visit me in Jolly ol' Manchester.